Monday, July 25, 2011

The all new but yet old'ish but in a new way FaceFax

Im goin to start the new retro movement bitches! Its facebook, but for ur fax machine, BAM! Face facts and join FaceFax. .....#yourewelcome.

Here at the bottom is what, might be, the first add.

Bored?? Not sure what to do with your head?? Why not send a FaceFax!! BAM! BAM!
(Im sure everyone can relate)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I like wearing philosofurrrry jackets

So there's a new thing on the buzz, Roller-Derby. Some sexy ass rock'n'roll girls knocking the shit out of each other on rock'n'roller-skates. Yeah, some new age fun, with a vintage feel.

I think the highlight of the sport is really dressing up and owning super-slick-old-school-roller-skates. Its like lingerie for your feet, i suppose.

So these ladies decided to have a fund raiser to help out the cost to get this ball rolling. Also those skates cost an arm and a leg and you apparently need those to participate, so this causes one of those problem loops.

The theme of this party was, Stroke the furry wall. I think we have all seen the downloaded version of Get Him To The Greek by now, so you know what that means. If you dont, go watch the movie.

Personally, i think, if life hands you a Geoffrey, don't go stroking walls, don't be a pussy, go out and go party!! and say thank you, to the person who shared his shit with you for free.

The DJ's were Sexual Dinosaur and Deeziak, they were off the fukn walls that night. Even if those walls were nice and furrrrrrrry. There was another DJ, who was also quite good, but i cant remember his name........... Sorry guy.

Like all times that old friends get together, there was an ominous feeling of, Oh my holy shitballs we are going to all have to sleep in the parking lot tonight!!

I love this photo.

I tried to hang myself, because Puddy was being so boring all night...... hahahahahah!!! i keeeeeed!!! As always, it was awesome to party with this marrrrebitch, you're guaranteed a rough day in the office the next day tho.

hehehehehehe!! i feel special.

Some of the ladies got a little loose

Just pretending, so we can get the dance part of the night dealt with, so we can have a proper, gettrashedinsidethetequilabottlefacefirst and see who gets home, night.

Im not exactly sure, but i think the party ended about three days later... people got emotional, some fukn in cars. it might have gotten a little out of hand. But i was nothing more that the voice inside the people, that said, its ok... drink just seven more.... i wont tell the police...

Girls really don't love dead girls, but necrophiliacs do.

Hopefully you've made some awesome mistakes of your own the w.end... if you didnt... well, you're boring and don't.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Photos, Art, Photo Art

Andre Badenhorst

Pieter Vosloo

Black Koki

Nico Krijno

Patrick Ruegheimer

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Global Warming

Did you know??

Global warming has now become so bad that people are putting up big fans like these to cool the earth down. If you look at the mountains at the back there, with the snow on them, you can see how well its working.

You're welcome.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Fears 2010/11

New years, new fears, crying new tears, you've got weirdly big ears. As always there were millions of awesome parties hap'nan for new years. This year we opted for less people more looseness.

Cus fuk, i hate doing the big one for new years, cus this one has to go pee, and then one gets lost, and where is Jenny now, and nobody is picking up the phone, and screaming WHERE ARE YOU?? through the noise, and then 30min que for booze, then someone else has to pee, keeping a group together sucks.... more admin than anybody ever having fun.

So all good, that we do this now, but this is all my older bro, Hardus' friends, so i know.... 1 other guy at this party, (luke, who is a super rad party/funny/good time/robot).... nice. But at least its all 3 VanDee bros.

We get there, its chilled, doin the handshake... Its kinda weird cus you just meet someone and its like you already wondering how fukd and crazy this dude/girl is goin to get later. Cus for some reason the anticipation of the party makes everyone unnaturally quiet just before it starts.

The theme was formal, but not normal. I thought that was a pretty cool one, people thought i dressed up, but i actually do dress that way.... the formal part was my hat.

This dude was giving me shit all night about my blue skinny jeans.... uuuhm.... yeah.... i retorted, that wouldve made sense if he wasnt wearing his great grandma's sun faded curtains that she threw away and a homeless person stiched together... oh no... he did it himself... its the hippie way. I keeeed, i keeed. He's actually a really nice dude.

So a light drink to get things started... and they are making the sickest sea food blah blah blah blah... everyone was ampd... except me, i dont eat that kinda stuff. So i drove to a B&B and ate two breakfasts at 8pm. mmmmm... Brinner!!

I know what you're thinking... you're thinking, where did the two midgets that are behind the girls come from? and did they party with all night? Im not sure to be honest, they're magical and they can make you forget things....

so a last goodbye to sanity before the crack of the edifice. open the orifice, and swallow all of this. I was a little lost at a point there, everyone was rocking and i was in a weird space, so for a while i just chilled, with my hat over my face not able to speak to anyone. i counter acted that feeling with a secret weapon, coka cola, and when the two conflated, i changed my name to, Frannie "Back in the game" vanDee!!

for those who dont know.... minge is vadge... and so do i.

GIRLFIGHT!!! not really. some people... who will stay unmentioned went a bit overboard and had no idea what they were doing... eeehm... yeah... awwwkwaaaaard.... fuk, i wish i didnt have to censor this... dammit!

everytime ive met this dude, he was sleeping in some bushes, hahahaha!! What a fukn legend! blerrie poes funny shit! i think the whole of the next day he made me laugh!!

The dude in the middle there was speaking to me at some point, saying he feels so left out and he doesnt know anyone and he's just going to go home. and i felt so bad for him, i was like encouraging him and like trying to make him feel at home and relating... then, he was just joking, fuking with me the whole time! hahahahahahaha!!! i felt like an idiot... good one bra!

Things escalate... and i swear i cant remember anything from unsure till like 5am...

Fridges do get sexy when it gets late, not that unlike ugly fat girls.
1. about the same weight
2. you can get drinks from it.
3. Im sure there's still some food statched away
4. and they both like a bit of a grinding... well, i didnt speak to the fridge personally, in that photo it looks like its having a good time.
its just a joke... before i get my inbox full of, "Fuk you you shallow fuk fukrr!! fukk fuk!"

This is the last photo i could find... but we carried on till 8pm the next day! Hardus and I still tried to body slam each other through tables, we did some bush divng... some dudes almost fought... bout... the guy was mean.... and... feelings got hurt.... emotion levels running high!! hahaha!! nothing happened in the end. good story huh?!

In the end i met some really amazing people and had a super rad time!
Hopefully there'll be some more rocking ones with them in the future!